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Laser Skincare Rejuvenation

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The Clearlift Pixel Laser treatment is a non-invasive, painless skin tightening device. It has the power to brighten pigment, reduce scarring, improve texture and tighten fine lines adn wrinkles without any downtime.


What causes fine lines and wrinkles?

Fine lines and wrinkles are caused by a multitude of things in life. The most common being aging, exposure to sunlight or UV light, smoking, and repeated facial expressions. As we age, our skin loses the natural collagen and starts to become less elastic and more fragile. Throughout our lives the sun can damage our skin as well, breaking down the skin's connective tissues, garnering loss of elasticity and strength.

How does Clearlift work?

It creates perforated, heared tunnels below the skin's surface, rebuilding collagen from the inside out without damaging the upper layers of the skin.

What should I expect?

Expect to have this treatment done in about 15-20 minutes, especially for a full face. There is no pain, or downtime, which means you can return to work or school that day.

How many treatments are recommended?

2-4 treatements are expected to see full results. Depending on how advanced the skin conerns are, more treatments may be required to see a drastic change. Like in all things with skincare, there is a chance for continued improvement up to 6 months after the series has finished.