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Vaginal Revitalization

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The Alma Femilift is a Pixel CO2 laser used to reintroduce collagen production, blood vessels, lubrication, and muscle tone to the vaginal canal. This procedure assists in treatment of stress incontinence, vaginal dryness, poor orgasmic function, and lack of quality sexual experiences.


What makes me a candidate for the Femilift?

Any woman is a candidate for this treatment if you experience stress urinary incontinence, vaginal atrophy, pre and post menopausal symptoms, or post pregnancy.

How does the Femilift work?

The Femilift works by using a handpiece which is inserted into the vaginal cavity. Controlled tissue injury is administered and results in a wound healing response to build new blood vessels, stronger tissues, and overall tightening of the vaginal lining.

Is any surgery involved?

None. No need for anesthesia of any kind.

Is it painful?

Inside the vaginal canal there are little to no pain receptors. However, some women will feel tingling sensations and some discomfort as the laser is applied near the introitus or vaginal opening.

What should I expect?

Post-treatment, some women can experience spotting, swelling, and slight twinges of pain 24-48 hours afterward. Sexual activity is not recommended until the area is completely healed.

How many sessions are needed?

3-4 sessions are recommended, with one month between each procedure, to reach desired results. The results will continue to improve up to 6 months after the last treatment. Maintenance is recommended every 2 years or when symptoms prior to treatment return.